Hear brand new Orange Goblin material!!

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Tune in to the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter at midnight on Monday 18th August to hear an exclusive first play of the brand new Orange Goblin single ‘The Devil’s Whip’. This is the first track from the highly anticipated new album, details of which will also be revealed by Daniel during the show.
Orange Goblin frontman Ben Ward had this to say about the track:
« We are very proud to present our new song ‘The Devil’s Whip’, the first single to be lifted from our brand new album. This song is a real old-school banger; stuffed full of riffs, sleaze, filth and speed……just like the best metal should be! It’s Motorhead-style, outlaw-biker rock in all it’s glory, destined to get heads banging , fists pumping, drinks flowing and asses shaking! If you don’t find yourself breaking the speed limit to this song, desperate to find the roughest bar in town, starting a fight and spending the night in a cell, then you are quite clearly already dead! Let’s ride, let loose, let’s rip……that’s right, you can’t escape The Devil’s Whip! »

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