Orange Goblin « The Devil’s Whip »

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    Mr Cerbere
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    Si vous ne connaissez pas ce groupe anglais de stoner formé en 1995, ce n’est pas ici alors que vous apprendrez quoi que ce soit, quoi que … bien en attendant leur prochain album (« Back From The Abyss ») prévu pour octobre 2014 quoi de mieux qu’un extrait pour se faire une idée??

    Orange Goblin « The Devil’s Whip »

    Mr Cerbere
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    Tune in to the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter at midnight on Monday 18th August to hear an exclusive first play of the brand new Orange Goblin single ‘The Devil’s Whip’. This is the first track from the highly anticipated new album, details of which will also be revealed by Daniel during the show.
    Orange Goblin frontman Ben Ward had this to say about the track:
    « We are very proud to present our new song ‘The Devil’s Whip’, the first single to be lifted from our brand new album. This song is a real old-school banger; stuffed full of riffs, sleaze, filth and speed……just like the best metal should be! It’s Motorhead-style, outlaw-biker rock in all it’s glory, destined to get heads banging , fists pumping, drinks flowing and asses shaking! If you don’t find yourself breaking the speed limit to this song, desperate to find the roughest bar in town, starting a fight and spending the night in a cell, then you are quite clearly already dead! Let’s ride, let loose, let’s rip……that’s right, you can’t escape The Devil’s Whip! »

    Voodoo Child
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    Curieux de connaître les paroles du titre « The Devil’s Whip » extrait du prochain album du groupe Orange Goblin? Zen-zen vous publie ça de suite.
    Like your heavy metal raw and dirty? You’re gonna dig this. Loudwire has the exclusive North American premiere of ‘The Devil’s Whip’ from the British metallers of Orange Goblin.
    Orange Goblin are on the cusp of celebrating their 20th anniversary as a band, but first, the London-based act will release its eighth studio album, ‘Back From the Abyss,’ which will see an Oct. 7 release.
    et quand pense Graham ‘Gruhamed’ Hartmann du site LoudWire :

    The Devil’s Whip
    Lost highway, open road
    Dead planet, growing old
    Full throttle, hidden hand
    Born dead, an evil man
    No morals, no soul
    No law, no self-control
    No time for sympathy
    Live hard, die free
    Let’s ride, let loose, let’s rip
    That’s right, you can’t escape the devils whip!

    Cold thunder, cracking stone
    Broken hearts and broken bones
    Iron horse and iron will
    Whiskey blood on blackened steel
    Bruised knuckles, swollen pride
    Not one to run and hide
    Forever, ride alone
    A two-lane graveyard he calls home
    Let’s ride, let loose, let’s rip
    That’s right, you can’t escape the devils whip!
    The devils whip will eat your heart and take your soul
    The devils whip will take a grip and not let go
    It’s far too late to run, the devils at your door
    The devils whip will rule your life forever more!
    Let’s ride, let loose, let’s rip
    That’s right, you can’t escape the devils whip!
    Devils whip, I’ll see you around
    Devils whip, it’s dragging you down

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